Mascotte shouldn’t let underlings investigate city manager

This is Florida Don’t you know?


In the midst of turmoil that seems to be increasing in Mascotte, City Manager Jim Gleason has told City Council members that he’s looking for a job elsewhere.

Good luck, Jim! Perhaps Gleason’s departure would allow Mascotte to catch its breath and, in a way, start over with its employees.

The city is fighting five lawsuits in federal and state court that in one way or another involve workers who say they were mistreated by city officials. A sixth suit, which is related, says the city improperly tried to charge a former employee who filed one of the five claims $11,650 for public records.

The EEOC complaint filed by former police officer Toni Hart is more complex, and it mirrors the lawsuit she filed against the city. Both state that police Chief Rolando Banasco referred to her as a “black [expletive]” and asked a sergeant who later also was fired to watch and harass her until she resigned.,0,4772470.column


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