“I appreciate everybody who comes to my events.”


The art of avoiding questions in a gubernatorial race

News flash: Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t answer questions.

Two weeks ago, Scott held a campaign event in Tampa where a half-dozen or so on-duty law enforcers got used as a backdrop — some without their knowledge, he’s been a campaign tracker’s dream, producing a succession of uncomfortable on-camera deflections about why on-duty officers were invited to a political event.

“I appreciate everybody who comes to my events.”

Scott doesn’t like answering questions!

Particularly those that challenge his decisions.

From the first time he got cornered by cameras and recorders while filing his qualifying paperwork in 2010, Scott has looked more like someone getting mugged than auditioning for the highest public office in the state.

It makes the task of re-electing him harder, allows Democrats to troll him on social media and has produced yet another ethics complaint filed by a retired Broward County cop.

Politics is an art of obfuscation, not illumination.

Florida governors have been saying a lot about nothing for decades.

The difference is Scott’s no answers are the “in your face” variety.

Dodging one question is an art form.

Dodging the same question repeatedly for 60 seconds is a bad week.

And in the heat of a high-stakes campaign, it produces a positive-feedback loop.

Instead of talking about gay marriage, medical marijuana, giving tax dollars to an Orlando-to-Miami rail company or alleged prisoner abuses, he’s fielding questions about not answering questions.

He was asked again about the law-enforcement snafu and blamed Crist for “mudslinging.”

Scott looks like he’s worried about making media missteps,

which is often when they blow up on CNN.


Thanks to our Florida Democratic Party



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