Trash is trash is trash


Trash is trash is trash

Lake county is getting a new set of rubbish buckets starting August 1st, ours starts September 12th and a new company starting October 6th.

Service Area 1/ WCA: Sept. 12 – Oct. 2

Service Area 2 / Progressive: Aug. 1- 21

Service Area 3 / Waste Pro: Aug. 22 – Sept. 11

We in this household are sad because this company has been great every Wednesday since we moved to central Florida.

As usual the common people do not get to choose, the government chooses and we must just go along with their choice?

Unincorporated residents to get new trash, recycling carts

Breanna is never going to understand, every Wednesday morning, she hears the trucks, recycle first, then the 2nd truck.

She jumps into her Papasan looking out her window and barks a Hi Guys!

They beep the horn and she barks a good buy guys!

I don’t have a papasan or my own window?

What’s up with that?

No one told me that retirement means retirement, how quickly we fall?

The new household garbage and recycling carts are designed to be easily collected by automated collection vehicles. These vehicles use mechanical arms, operated by the driver in the cab of the truck, that grab, lift and empty the cart and return it to the ground.


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