From the looks of my post office box it must be election time again, time to try to wake up the Florida Democratic Party, Good Luck with that!

Why Democrats can never take control the Florida congress, other than a fact that they just do not care?

The seat pays $30,000 not a lot of money for a politician however, the congress is a do nothing congress and the Pork Barrel and other under the table niceties should be enough?

5 seek to replace Rep. Nelson in Florida House


All of them are republicans!

Five Republicans, all first-time office-seekers, are vying to succeed Bryan Nelson in Florida House District

An Apopka Republican, Nelson was unable to seek re-election to the Legislature because of term limits and is running instead for Orange County commissioner.

The district, which includes Apopka, Mount Dora and Tavares, spans the northern parts of Orange and Lake counties. The job pays $29,697 a year.

The race, originally set up as a Republican primary in the conservative-leaning district, will be open to all voters regardless of party affiliation because no candidate from another party met the deadline to challenge for the seat.

The Republican with the most votes in the Aug. 26 election earns the two-year term.


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