Questions about EMS priorities?


Questions about EMS priorities?

Lake county Fire Rescue trucks are in diehard repair.

So what does the town fathers of Lake county do?

Instead of finding the money, I believe this is what we pay them to do?

Remember to people that allowed a new Firehouse built on cow dung!

Why, they hire two extra agencies to study the problem and then give their employees a raise?


Florida voter turnout was worst in 16 years

Ask people in the Middle East, Africa or so many other countries around the world, the last time that they voted for their leaders?

You will more than likely be looking into a blank face!

Now, go ask the people in the United States of America that same question, then cover your ears because their foolish, mean-spirited, foul language, stupid, answer, will take longer then it took me to vote!

Bottom line would be too busy to vote cannot vote for those so and so’s?

However, first in line to complain about our government!

There was so many places to vote that one would trip over some of them just going shopping, if you didn’t trip over the illegal signs placed too close to the voting booths!

These same non-voting Floridians are so stupid that we had to place signs with arrows showing the way to the booth.

Batterson guilty of bribery charges


A civil engineer, Batterson was appointed to the board of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority by Gov. Rick Scott in 2011

I think that Governor Rich Scott is guilty by association with Batterson?

Jury finds Batterson guilty of bribery charges in Orlando expressway board case,0,5265930.story

After all his (Scott’s) ad is telling Floridians that because then governor Crist was a friend of a criminal he is guilty of the crime also.

Even though Crist was never charged or even a question?

Shouldn’t the same theory be true today with now governor Scott?

Living Blue in Florida shared a link via Florida Democratic Party.

The cost of failure

The following posting is not my words it is in the newspaper this morning from Halifax Media Group.

In short, “Stupid people are running Florida”!

The state will leave $66.1 billion (that’s BILLIONS) on the table and more than 1 million (that’s MILLIONS) of uninsured voters without health insurance!

Lawmakers must have felt safe enough in their gerrymander districts to not worry about the consequences?

From now on when I say “The proof is in the Water” you will know what I mean?

Florida’s water is polluted and is effecting our government officials and now it is starting to also affect the voters?


That’s not true, the water has been effecting the Floridians for at least 20 years, why else would we keep putting these clowns back in the arena?

Florida1 Florida2 Florida3

When was the last time you drank pool water

Problem is that the people in Parsley are buying all of this foolishness!

Water problems identified at Lake County Fire Rescue Station 13

“Station 13 was built on a dairy farm,” said Lt. Brian Gamble, vice president of the Professional Firefighters of Lake County. “We have been having issues with the well out there. Our firefighters can’t take showers. They can’t wash dishes.”

(WELL DUH)!!!!!

The Chlorine pump keeps stopping, “I wonder why”?

Remember this past posting?

Know what E coli is?

Escherichia coli (or E. coli) is the most prevalent infecting organism in the family of gram-negative bacteria known as Enterobacteriaceae.

Well in today’s newspaper we find that this new “Fire Department” cannot drink, wash, shower or cook with their water however, the town and state inspectors state that the water poses “No health problems”?

The inspectors have been telling the residents of Paisley this for years even though this old dairy Farm and cow pastures are in and all around the town?

Lake County Assistant Fire Chief Jack Fillman said even though the issue is frustrating, the water is still safe, adding that the well water is tested all the time.

So, when does it become “NOT SAFE”?

“Stupid is as Stupid does”!

Double talk by this Fire Chief?

“The water that comes out of the ground is not satisfactory,” Fillman said. we had to put a conditioning system out there. It seems the pump seems to fail frequently. We are going to have to find a different option.”

Fillman said the department is looking at a new system that is going to fix the issue.

“There seems to be some issue with the chlorine pump,” he said. “When the chlorine pump stops, some particulates come through.”

The brand new Chlorine Pump stops because it is loaded with “Cow Byproducts”!

When was the last time you drank pool water, Chlorine is used in pool because?

Was Charlie Crist Trading Money for Judges

Bottom line to voters.

It must be OK for your Florida Republican Politicians to sell government officials however, if they ever change parties, it is illegal?

14 people were indicted on Friday, May 23, 2014, why not Charlie Crist?

An even better question, why point an old finger at Crist now?

Could it be that Scott cannot get re-elected without lying?

From January 4, 2011 while Scott was governor of Florida, we heard nothing about the past Republican Governor selling judges to friends?

Now that Governor Rick Scott is about to lose the office, he wants to report about a sale of judges on Feb 07, 2014?

So, did Republican Scott W. Rothstein friends with Republicans, receive a little leniency in his count case if he could pin his Ponzi scheme on Charlie Crist?

14 people were indicted on Friday, May 23, 2014, why not Charlie Crist?

Nan Rich is a politician

Nan Rich however, may or may not be one of the good persons?

Believe me I know, it is hard pressed to find a “Good Person and Politician in the same body”

I will be studying her and her moves and there is a better than average chance that I will be voting for her

“God Willing”

Only, if so, I will be voting in the next four years not this time.

Nan, if I may be so friendly, is doing everything that we the committee push our candidate to do up north to get him elected, because for 18 years he proved to be a “Good Person”

However, in the end, money corrupted even him!

Rich hopes voters will choose the ‘real Democrat’

“Nan has made her case,” Sink said. “She’s somebody that we’ve known for a long time and she’s a great Democrat and she’s certainly qualified to be governor, but for whatever reason she hasn’t been able to raise the resources needed to beat Rick Scott.”