Water demand projections increase substantially in south Lake




Play card anyone?

Can you say “Sleights of Hand”?

How many time did I and many others in Florida warn that low water and sinkholes are from far too many companies drawing far too much water from out Aquifer?

Now mind you I did not and do not say that the St John River Management Council are a group of crooked people and that they are getting their orders from their crooked boss because god knows that would be slander.

All of the above kept saying that our low water and sinkholes are from lack of rain and not from their selling our water to any company with deep pockets!

Well, we in Florida have an abundance of rain, plenty of water and still we have sinkholes and our lakes are in danger of disappearing underground.

The answer from the BRAINS at the St Johns River Management Council is to once again restrict home owners, never the companies with the deep pockets, use of water?

Stupid is as Stupid does!

sleights of hand

1. A trick or set of tricks performed by a juggler or magician so quickly and deftly that the manner of execution cannot be observed; legerdemain.

2. Performance of conjuring tricks.

3. Skill in performing conjuring tricks


Crooked is not so Stupid!

This council is hired by our governor!


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