What’s up with Florida’s Governor’s

Let me know if or when you find fault with the following posting?


Let’s sort all this out?

Charlie Crist is no longer our (Florida) governor.

Charlie Crist is no longer a republican

Charlie Crist was an Independent.

Charlie Crist is now a democrat



Let’s sort all this out?

Charlie Crist, as our governor, a good governor by the way, could see the corruption in our congress, for instance the gerrymandering, one of hundreds of corruption in congress, so he wanted to represent Florida as a senator and ran for the seat being vacated by US. Senator Republican Mel Martinez.

Governor Charlie Crist would not bend to the wishes of the politicians


Along came the Tea Party and we all now know how that is working out!

He then tried to help save Florida from the Tea Party, their puppets (republicans) and the person picked by this “out to lunch’ Tea Party!

He had only one choice and so he run as an Independent while trying to wake up this sleeping giant, guess nothing can bring them into this century because they did not even blink, as if that would ever stave off the corruption in government!

YES, with their help it could be done, the rub is “With their help”!

The three stooges then ran for the seat now vacated by Governor Charlie Crist and once again this corrupt Tea Party and their puppets (republicans) placed ‘what we now have’ into the vacant seat!

Just what we need, another puppet in government!

The only sane move left at this time for the state of Florida is for Crist, now a Democrat, to once again become our governor?

My Blog, My opinion.


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