Solar charging stations free to use

Plug in your phone, pad, computer est. while charging.

The whole back to going total alternative energy is cost.

The reason why alternative energy cost so much is fossil fuel users buying-out, browbeating or just plain crushing the start-up alternative energy companies.


Remember how we cut down on drinking and smoking?

Our government keeps on raising the taxes so people can no longer buy as much, than advertised the bad to drinking and smoking.

Webster challenger wants to cut income tax, raise gas tax

Republican incumbent Dan Webster for a congressional

Bill Ferree, a 70-year-old president of a company that installs electric car charging stations, said he would cut income tax by a third and replace a majority of the lost revenue by increasing federal taxes on gasoline by 50 cents per gallon.

Yes he is in the electric car charging business along with two partners from other small charging business.

Dan Webster is one of the old dinosaurs in a big A/C business using fossil fuel to power equipment?

Dan Webster gives his congress salary away.

Bill Ferree and friends are setting up free charging station all over central Florida, if you are in need.

You should not need them because you should be charging from home but it is nice to know that they are around if needed?


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