Scott made up a new Veterans Award?

How low can you go?

Well, at this time no one has the answer because Rich Scott is still in office?

A PDF stating the truth of this posting.


As you can see this award being given to a few chosen veterans in the villages, (a republican stronghold), was made as a political promotional gimmick for a re-election run as governor.

H. Gary Morse owns the Villages and is an American billionaire and the developer of The Villages, Florida.

Morse, his children, and The Villages have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Florida Governor Rick Scott. Morse also served as a major fundraiser for George W. Bush[2] and Mitt Romney.[1] Morse has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee.[9] Morse has used his 147-foot yacht, the Cracker Bay, for political gatherings.[10]


Nearly 1,000 local veterans honored by governor

The front of the medal depicts the state of Florida, and the back displays the seals representing the five branches of U.S. military and an inscription that reads, “Honoring Those Who Served.”


Brett Le Blanc / Daily Commercial

On display

Medals for U.S. veterans are displayed on Wednesday at the Eisenhower Recreational Center in The Villages.

I must question the File dating on that stamp in the PDF file?


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