Governor Jeb Bush

The first election since my arrival in Florida I learned about Mr. bush, ‘not that Bush’, at that time the Governor of Florida, after the past years of governors in my last state and their abuse of their ‘first people in Connecticut (my people’), Jeb seemed to be a blessing, so I voted for him and would vote if he wanted another office in his future, until this news article!

I know that there is such a thing as party loyalty and no, I do not believe in or except it, I also know that if he wishes to run for an office in the future, he will need his parties financial help however, a large distasteful known lie now will come back to bite him in the future and it is about to cost him ‘my vote’!

Anyone with the background and the mind of Mr. Bush should know better and at the very least, kept quiet instead of this, trying to make believe that he actually believes that Scott is doing anything for the good of anyone other than himself, was a big mistake on his part and with this, lowers himself down a few peg towards Scotts level!

Just one of a few hundred things we remember about this our governor.

Published on Oct 22, 2012

Fugitive Felon RICK SCOTT’s DEPOSITION before stealing FL GOVERNORSHIP

Jeb Bush lends political star power to Rick Scott

Jeb Bush is lending his political star power to embattled Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is locked in a tight race for re-election in the nation’s largest swing-voting state


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