Fracking companies begin slow shift to recycling wastewater


I am starting to wear these two words out!


My web Master Donna,( posted this at the bottom of the website back in 1999!

And now you know the rest of the story?

For every barrel of oil pumped to the surface, more than another barrel of water from deep within the earth comes up alongside it

All the while, hydraulic fracturing operations pull billions of gallons of fresh water a year from aquifers that also supply water to cities and farms.

a hue that ranges from gray to black and an odor that resembles gasoline, the water is typically pumped into disposal wells thousands of feet underground.

Fracking Water

Vernon Bryant/Staff Photographer

 Samples of water at various stages of the recycling process — untreated (right) to fully treated (left) — are on display at Fasken Oil and Ranch


Staff Photographer/Vernon Bryant

 At the Fasken ranch, flowback water like this undergoes an elaborate process involving electrodes, chemical treatments and simple gravity.


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