Governor Rich Scott a environmentalist? (NOT)

Gov. Rick Scott meets with scientists but remains silent on climate change

Governors answer

“I’m sorry, what was the question”?

But the governor whose campaign strategy has been to say nothing on the issue except that he is “not a scientist,” stayed true to his plan. He would not comment, question or commit to whether or not he believes the warnings by the experts deserve his attention.

‘Not a scientist’ Scott to meet real ones on climate change

Our governor is set to all of a sudden and in a half hour a scientist?

Or better put, “I am in deep donkey poop and need to convince the voters that I am not a fraudulent politician”?

Too late governor, far too late!

With the environment taking a larger role in this year’s election, Gov. Rick Scott is scheduled to meet with university scientists Tuesday for the first time about climate change and its impact on Florida.

The half-hour meeting, set for late this afternoon, is the result of letter from 10 prominent oceanographers and other scientists from major Florida universities who asked for an opportunity to talk with Scott after the governor repeatedly told reporters he was “not a scientist” after he was asked for his position on climate change.


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