Nan Rich is a politician

Nan Rich however, may or may not be one of the good persons?

Believe me I know, it is hard pressed to find a “Good Person and Politician in the same body”

I will be studying her and her moves and there is a better than average chance that I will be voting for her

“God Willing”

Only, if so, I will be voting in the next four years not this time.

Nan, if I may be so friendly, is doing everything that we the committee push our candidate to do up north to get him elected, because for 18 years he proved to be a “Good Person”

However, in the end, money corrupted even him!

Rich hopes voters will choose the ‘real Democrat’

“Nan has made her case,” Sink said. “She’s somebody that we’ve known for a long time and she’s a great Democrat and she’s certainly qualified to be governor, but for whatever reason she hasn’t been able to raise the resources needed to beat Rick Scott.”


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