Florida voter turnout was worst in 16 years

Ask people in the Middle East, Africa or so many other countries around the world, the last time that they voted for their leaders?

You will more than likely be looking into a blank face!

Now, go ask the people in the United States of America that same question, then cover your ears because their foolish, mean-spirited, foul language, stupid, answer, will take longer then it took me to vote!

Bottom line would be too busy to vote cannot vote for those so and so’s?

However, first in line to complain about our government!

There was so many places to vote that one would trip over some of them just going shopping, if you didn’t trip over the illegal signs placed too close to the voting booths!


These same non-voting Floridians are so stupid that we had to place signs with arrows showing the way to the booth.



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