Why are there more republicans voting in Florida?

The Villages makes list of boring places tied at #7

Why are there more republicans voting in Florida?

Because the Villages is about 97% retired Northerners with nothing else to do, so they vote as they have always voted in their northern state, republican.

While knowing nothing or next to nothing about our state government and most do not even care, it’s a day out of boredom.

Do any of them care if the rest of the state is stuck with business as usual, No, why should they, this does not affect their money or boring life?

Florida: Land of white sandy beaches, Miami, and of course, the most magical place on Earth! (Disney World.

From this perspective, Florida sounds downright exciting.

Of course, we know better. We know that there’s a whole lot more to the state, which includes retirement communities, suburbs, and certainly doesn’t look like Miami Beach.

In short, there’s a lot of boring going on here.

But which of the sleepy places in Florida are the most slow-paced, the most elderly, and the downright most boring?

There are plenty of boring places in the state, here are the top 10:

  1. CDP of Poinciana
  2. City of Palm Bay
  3. City of Apopka
  4. CDP of Riverview
  5. City of North Port
  6. Village of Wellington
  7. City of Deltona (tie)
  8. CDP of The Villages (tie)
  9. City of Titusville
  10. City of Pinellas Park

Places in the state with populations of 40,000 or more, a total of 77 spots.

Nightlife per capita (bars, clubs, comedy, etc.)

Live music venues per capita

Active life options per capita (parks, outdoor activities, etc.)

Arts and Entertainment per capita (movie theaters, festivals, galleries, theaters, etc.)

Fast Food restaurants per capita (the more the more boring)

Percentage of restaurants that are not fast food (the lower the more boring)

Percentage of young residents ages 18 to 34 (the lower the more boring)

Population density (the lower the better)

Ranked each place with a score from one to 77, according to the eight criteria above;

the higher the number, the more boring the place.

Averaged these rankings into an overall Big Deal Score, where again, the highest score was the least happening place.


Gov. Rick Scott on the issues, then and now


If re-elected, will Scott return to the Tea Party roots that helped him get elected in 2010?

Or has Scott, a political neophyte when he took office, moved more to the political center, as his recent months of governing suggest?

Gov. Rick Scott on the issues, then and now

Scott promised to boost jobs, he also vowed to crack down on illegal immigrants, cut taxes, curb spending and reduce the reach of government.

His first budget, which included a 10 percent cut in per-student school funding.

Governor Scotts state budget that has grown from $69 billion to $77 billion.

He promised to back an expansion of Medicaid, although he hasn’t done much to make it happen.

Tea Party blues

Scott the Republican candidates Tea Party, a conservative of the GOP that espouses limited government and lower taxes, tapping some of his vast personal wealth.

Scott, promising to bring an “Arizona-style” immigration law to Florida if elected.

Scott pursued a different agenda once he was elected.

“He’s definitely changed from what he campaigned on, the state budget getting bigger, businesses getting more breaks, and he hasn’t done a whole lot for Florida.

He promised 700,000 jobs in seven years on top of normal economic growth, a goal he is falling well short of.

Scott has also promised to eliminate Florida’s corporate income tax.

He has increased the exemption for many smaller Florida businesses that no longer have to pay the tax.

But the bulk of the $2-billion-a-year tax remains.

Scott is promising $1 billion in tax cuts in his re-election campaign.

Given recent revenue projections by state economists, that seems doubtful when coupled with Scott’s promises to fund schools at record levels and increase environmental programs by $1 billion.

Scott’s spending promises “fictional,” including his pledge to increase environmental spending after eliminating the state’s top growth management agency and cutting funding to water management districts in his first term.

Whatever he claims he wants to spend, which is just obviously fictional, is never going to solve the pollution he has caused in how he has treated the water management districts and other ventures, he really views Florida’s natural gifts as a commodity.

With changes in the law vesting more appointment power in the governor, Scott has used that authority to almost exclusively select more conservative judges to trial and appellate courts.

The governor now has essentially complete control over the commissions that nominate judges, eliminating the role of The Florida Bar to counterbalance that authority.

The biggest prize is the Florida Supreme Court, the next governor will definitely get to appoint one new justice and perhaps as many as four, depending on the interpretation of three more appointments that would occur at the end of the governor’s next term in January 2019.

Fire breaks out in laundry room of Leesburg motel

They say that this was a Lighting strike? 🙂

Firefighters responded to the Stay & Save Inn at 1308 N. 14th St. shortly before 5 p.m., city spokesman Robert Sargent said.

About 25 firefighters battled the blaze, which was confined to the laundry room, for more than an hour, he said. No injuries were reported, he said.

The laundry room also served as a storage area and was filled with paperwork, Sargent said. The fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire, he said.

The motel has 124 rooms, according to a listing on Lake County government’s website.

Leesburg has been working with the motel owner to resolve the situation with the overdue payments, according to media reports.


Leesburg motel tenants to be evicted if owner doesn’t pay fees, city says

Residents at a Leesburg motel have days to find a new place to live unless the motel owner pays tens of thousands of dollars in back utility bills.

The city of Leesburg says the owner of the Stay and Save Inn made no attempt to pay nearly $40,000 in back electric bills, resulting in the city turning off the power on Monday afternoon for hours.

The city said last week they gave the owner until Friday to pay the bills and he didn’t, so they shut off the power.

City says owner of Stay and Save Inn owes $40K in back pay utility fees

Published On: Aug 25 2014 06:05:58 PM EDT Updated On: Aug 25 2014 06:06:14 PM EDT


Leesburg officials extend deadline, wait to cut utilities at Stay and Save Inn

By Dave D’Marko, Lake County Reporter

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 02, 2014, 7:01 PM

The owner of the Stay and Save Inn is telling Leesburg officials “the check is in the mail” as the deadline came and went Tuesday to pay the utility bill.

Possibly left in the dark, dozens of families said they have no other place to go.

But the city has decided to extend the deadline one more time.

Robert Sergeant, a spokesman for the city of Leesburg, said negotiations have been going on for months, and the owner is going to owe another $12,000 on Thursday.


“welfare motel” Review of Stay & Save Inn

I agree with all the other comments here…this is nothing but a roach infested welfare motel.

There were roaches all over the place and there was no housekeeping at all and only one person spoke English.

The internet did not work and the TV went out every 3 or 4 mins….we stayed about an hour and went across the street to a very nice hotel and only paid 10.00 more per night……Don’t be fooled….the lobby is well kept so you think the rest of the hotel is as nice…but ask to see the room before you check in….you will then decide to pay the extra 10 bucks and go to a real hotel….

Room Tip: there is not a good room anywhere in the roach motel


9 Investigates: Orlando to incur $106M in debt

After raising taxes by nearly 18 percent, the city of Orlando is about to incur more debt.

On Monday, the city council is set to approve taking on $106 million in debt, to pay, in part, to  move the Orlando Police Station and make way for the Magic’s entertainment complex.

“We’re going to do energy efficiency measures and construct the police station. We’re going to pay for that debt with savings generated from the capital construction related to the energy efficiency measures,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

“There were predictions similar to this for the infamous Geico Garage. It was all going to get paid for, now we find out that they have to dip into reserves to pay for the Geico Garage,” Head said.

Fifty-million-dollars of the debt is to make way for the Magic’s new sports and entertainment complex, by moving OPD’s headquarters and by moving a fire station for a soccer stadium.

Thirty-million-dollars will go to refund older debt at a lower interest rate, and another $17 million will go to energy efficiency projects.

Those are the projects the mayor contends will save money by making the city more energy efficient, so it will eventually pay for the $106 million in bonds.

Some taxpayers, like Doug Head, leader of County Watch, don’t buy it.


The following is a quote from a posting.

Rick Scott Must Go!

The following is a quote from a posting.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

“The following is a non-partisan list of 233 reasons why Rick Scott does not deserve re-election in 2014.

I have kept this list non-partisan to show that ALL voters in Florida have excellent reasons to put Scott out of office.

He has harmed all citizens of this state, not just those of a particular political party or group.

As of the original writing in December 2013, this list has 146 reasons, but we now have 233 reasons.

I could add more, but as we get to election time, I think this number speaks for itself.

233 Non-Partisan Reasons Why Rick Scott Must Go.”

So, I have no intention of writing all 233 however, I am reading and saving them all!

“Jobs and Employment

Rick Scott has made, and no doubt will continue to make, the creation of jobs his “report card” for voters. However, while he has posed himself as a success in this regard, he has actually been a failure, taking credit for achievements he did not perform, and causing greater hardship in the lives of the people of Florida.”


The Miami Herald reported Friday


Scott’s top inspector told about cover-up

TALLAHASSEE — A widening scandal focusing on the treatment of Florida prison inmates includes new allegations that Gov. Rick Scott’s own top watchdog was warned about the possible cover-up of two suspicious prison deaths but did not do anything.

The Miami Herald reported Friday that the governor’s chief inspector general received an anonymous letter in Oct. 2012 that included details about prisoners who had died while in state custody.

Miguel works directly for Scott, but so far the governor has not said anything about the scandal, which has led to the firings of prison employees. The questions surrounding the prison system’s handling of the cases has resulted in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement being placed in charge of investigating 82 cases in which prison inmates died from non-natural causes.


Christopher Heath, investigates the OIA airport

O.K. Friends this is important and hidden from view?

While watching the news this morning,

WFTV Channel 9 Orlando Florida,

a story about the Orlando Airport reported by their News Reporter

Christopher Heath, investigates why the OIA airport needs 11 different law firms just to build the railroad add-on at the airport?

What this reporter found out is that the committee making the decisions for the airport has seven members.

Two are elected officials.

Five are handpicked by Governor Rick Scott,

guess what?

These five members have given $95,000 to the Republican Party.

WFTV’s Darlene Jones also reported that

During the last 3 years the airport has spent $7.1 million on outside counseling!

How long has Rick Scott been governor?

You guessed it.

3 1/2 years!

Interesting because he (News Reporter Christopher Heath is investigating the political side of Florida?


It’s one thing to blur the line on truth in a political ad.

It’s another thing to flat out lie.

For the last three weeks the Florida GOP has refused to give any information on the man it used to attack Charlie Crist.

Well, now we know his name and his story; and it doesn’t check out.


Christopher Heath shared a link.

June 17

The connection between Gov. Scott and a company working on oil and gas drill sites near the Everglades.


Christopher Heath shared a link.

May 21

Where is Gov. Rick Scott? And, why you don’t have the right to know.


9 Investigates Gov. Rick Scott’s travel logs

On Feb. 17, Gov. Rick Scott began his day in Naples. At an unknown time he and an unknown number of guests and staff left the Naples Municipal Airport and at an unknown time, he later landed in St.

What our investigation found about the state agency that is supposed to stop pollution and keep Florida beautiful.

What it is not doing.