OK, this is a death sentence?

I vote for Jamie Hanja

Because once a Nanny, always a Nanny!

However, the biggest plus is, she is no politician and will be using her background, mind, brain, eyes, ears and mouth to correct our school system instead of a pocketbook!

Refreshing is it not?

Unfortunately in Florida I have always been in the ‘minority’, a death sentence for my vote!

Notice that she was interviewed last?

School board member District 3 race


Jamie Hanja

Hanja, 40, said she would like to bring a fresh perspective to the board as a nanny.

“I am an outsider,” she said. “I am not a business owner and not in the education system. I would come in with fresh eyes and look at the problems.”

Prior to her work as a nanny, Hanja was an administrative assistant for eight years.

The New York native said if elected she would incorporate her business background and experience nurturing early childhood development into her decisions as a board member.

Her top priority would be tackling the budget, she said.

“I would like to take my personal highlighter and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go,” she said. “The safety of the children is my priority.”

Hanja, similar to Dodd, was unhappy with the board’s decision to cut courtesy busing.

“I would find some savings in other areas,” she said.

Addressing the district’s grades is another priority, she said.

“What I have seen in community forums with the parents and the public is they seem to be pushing (the issue) back on the community,” she said. “That is the school board kicking the can down the road. America is not the only country with single mothers and fathers not in their children’s lives. You need to look at the educators.”

She questioned why community forums were held now as opposed to when the schools were receiving C grades.

That brings the issue of leadership back to the forefront, which Hanja addressed.

“There is a low morale in the school right now because of (Moxley’s) leadership,” she said.

The review conducted on class-size violations left many questions unanswered, according to Hanja.

“When they hired the consultant and sent surveys to all the different schools, they did not ask them to give their name or what school they were answering the survey from,” she said. “There is no way to track down the person.”



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