If you can’t beat ’em, (join ’em)?


Ex-Republican Crist Is Florida Democrats Big Hope

In my paper today.

If you can’t beat ’em, (join ’em)?

How quickly we forget the truth, it was not that long ago Florida and the media has their nerve not telling it like it is!

Republican Governor Charlie Crist along with many others wanted the vacating Florida Senate Seat, hoping to be able to do a better job for Florida.

The Republican party wanted him there as a Puppet governor and wanted another puppet to get the seat so the party turned its back on him and they found a willing puppet with much bigger dreams, along came Marco Rubio!

Still wanting that vacating seat, Charlie ran as an Independent.

A real slim hope because Floridian Independents cannot seem to find a voting booth?

Charlie had to give up the governor’s seat to run and lost the senate seat to the Republican Puppet!

Now Charlie Crist wants his office back and the Democrats want to help him win it, so big deal, what’s wrong with that?

The republicans already have their puppet in the governor’s office doing just what the republican party wants him to do, rob from the poor and give to the rich!

Republicans have had control of the Florida Legislature and governor’s office since 1999 and have used their power to restrict abortions, loosen gun laws, strip state workers of benefits, allow private school vouchers and enact a slew of other policy changes that Democrats opposed but could do nothing to stop.

Charlie Crist is a start, if only a start and much better then what we have now!



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