Kick the king up north


Has Burger King finalized the deal yet?

Let’s move them out of the buildings to make room for loyal companies like Krystal’s Hamburgers?

Krystal opens to packed crowd

Personally I do not get it however, we are going to give it a try.

The other person in the house is a Hoosier, this means Indiana.

After stealing her from California to Connecticut I had to drive her many times a 100 miles to New York City just to get some White Castles?

While on trips to family gatherings, guess what?

You guessed it, White Castles.

I say all of the above because I understand that Krystal Hamburgers are made the same way?

Well, I’m going to find out next trip the Leesburg.

Two of Burger Kings buildings are closer, hope that they do move out and move soon?

Both are old and dingy, going to need a lot of deep cleaning.


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