Where does all the money go?

County roads continue to deteriorate with no funding to fix them

We now have toll roads all over Florida, gas prices are out of this world, traffic cameras at most of our intersections, businesses moving out of the state and country because taxes are so high, speeding tickets, no left hand turns, seatbelt infractions and yet no money to repair our infrastructure and school or care for our police and fire departments?


A new transportation presentation on Lake County’s deteriorating roads shows 45 percent are in critical need of repairs and without sufficient funding to address those problems, officials say.

Lake County Public Works Director Jim Stivender said $25 million is needed to resurface the roads most in need and the county has just $2 million this fiscal year to begin tackling the problem.

One good place to start is to nix the expense of hiring a company to spend two years making a map of all the sidewalks and roads in need and just start someplace and stop when the jobs are completed?

Maybe we could get our governor to spend less time campaigning and more time on the job?

After all wasn’t this one of his complaints about our president?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is!


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