Governor Scott woke up the Florida Women

Governor Scott woke up the Florida Women


Now what you going to do?


No hope for the wicked as you shall soon find out.


I am so proud of our Floridian women, even though they have been beaten down for centuries, they still show the feminine wisdom and as usual their timing is perfect,

because the Floridian men in this state keep thinking in the archaic ways of the past when men dragged women around by their hair?

Men thinking, keep them barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen/bedroom


I for one am sick and tired of

“Men in Power”

In the political arena

How about you?

The ad lays it out pretty simply with different women reading off why they think Scott is wrong for Florida:

“Rick Scott wants to take away a woman’s right to choose. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and restrict access to abortion.

Even for victims of rape and incest.

He signed laws that require mandatory ultrasounds.

And thinks employers should deny women coverage for birth control.

Rick Scott even refused to support new laws for equal pay.

When it comes to doing what’s right for Florida women, Rick Scott has been wrong every single time.”

Now Crist is fighting back and, as he did with gay marriage rights, he’s attacking Scott on an issue Scott has been vehemently against: women’s issues and abortion.

In doing so, Crist has teamed up with Planned Parenthood to get after Scott and his stance on abortion and women’s issues.


I am so thrilled and honored to introduce you to Annette Taddeo, my running mate — and if we do our jobs right, the next lieutenant governor of Florida.

Women HELLO are you listening?


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