More money flows from Villagers to Gov. Rick Scott.

Give or else.

Developer H. Gary Morse builder of the Villages once again, if you do not obey you will not reap the rewards of the Villages.

More money flows from Villagers to Gov. Rick Scott.

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 6:00 am

Scott Callahan | News Editor

Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign continues to rack up financial support from residents of The Villages connected to developer H. Gary Morse.

In other words ‘Hone up or else’!

When something is fishy it usually means it stinks?

According to the Florida Division of Elections, about

two dozen companies, all linked to Morse,

gave Scott a maximum contribution

of $3,000 per donor on May 29. While no additional Morse companies are listed in the latest round of contributions to Scott,

all of the companies and individuals who gave maximum contributions have links to Morse or the massive development, records show.

And while

The Villages is a Republican stronghold, having had visits by the governor in June, July and August, nearly all of these latest maximum contributions were made on the same day — Aug. 29. They included donations by:

Agewave Solutions Inc. The company’s president, Randall K. Thompson, is a past director of The Villages of Lake-Sumter, according to his LinkedIn profile

CBD Associates, managed by Charles Dale Borrowman, a one-time executive with The Villages of Lake-Sumter, according to

Borrowman also made a personal $3,000 donation dated Aug. 28.

Stephen J. Drake, director of purchasing for The Villages, according to

Golf Management Solutions, managed by Ken L. Creely Jr. The company manages The Villages’ golf courses.

William Kearns, a developer with close ties to Morse, according to a story in the Ocala Star-Banner .

Gary Lester, a spokesman at times for The Villages.

Brian Hudson, a real estate lawyer in The Villages and registered agent for Morse-Sembler Villages #5 Inc., which lists Morse as CEO, according to the corporations division.

Ted Graham, who has developed some of the infrastructure in The Villages, according to the Star-Banner . He also manages River Stone Holding Services, which lists Hudson as its registered agent.

Gary Mark, who works for The Villages Design Division, according to, gave a $2,000 donation dated Aug. 29.


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