Nan Rich/ Adrian Wyllie

Are you sure that we cannot come up with a 3rd choice for a savior of Florida?

Remember if we now vote for a 3rd choice we end up with the same as usual for our government!

I have been digging into both candidates, as stated in earlier postings because I agree that we must do something however, I was hoping for a middle of the road person between a nice calm, how be it, good choice in Nan Rich and a live fuse like Adrian Wyllie, also a better choice then this two party system we now have stinking up our state, “IF” we could get him to tone it down a few notches?

Out of the blue and from nowhere, I received a comment a few days ago about this supposed leak about a Republican con?

Little fishy and off the wall somewhat.

Bottom line seemed to be, Nan Rich should have been the Democrat candidate so,

“If I do not vote for Adrian Wyllie we are all doomed!”

I did not know what to do with this until today’s newspaper article about Adrian Wyllie.

As usual, I did a little investigating.


Nan Rich, still my choice if we can get the sleazebag out of office?

Also a good choice to think about?


Adrian Wyllie

Today he Governor Scott, is donating $1 million to aids research?

3 1/2 years of taking and one give back is not going to cut the ice with me.

As I try to explain, we must save Florida from this long-standing down fall that we are in.

And like it or not the best start is Crist, then immediately come together as a state and vote on a real choice of the people?

We the public are the ones to blame for all of the corruption in our state, the country and the world because we are the ones still hell-bent on voting a party and not a person into office so do not blame me because the only choice is the best of two evils!

Remember if we now vote for a 3rd choice we end up with the same as usual for our government!

Have you seem the governors newest ad?

Walking along the beach holding hands with his honey ,navy hat on, while pointing out at the ocean.

He must be asking her what that wet stuff is, because he never spent time on the ocean or anywhere near combat, he spent his time behind a desk filling out college entrance forms to be paid for by you the taxpayers while he went to college under the GI Bill.


Every combat Veteran should be up in arms of this aim at our vote by a hypocrite?


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