Christopher Heath, investigates the OIA airport

O.K. Friends this is important and hidden from view?

While watching the news this morning,

WFTV Channel 9 Orlando Florida,

a story about the Orlando Airport reported by their News Reporter

Christopher Heath, investigates why the OIA airport needs 11 different law firms just to build the railroad add-on at the airport?

What this reporter found out is that the committee making the decisions for the airport has seven members.

Two are elected officials.

Five are handpicked by Governor Rick Scott,

guess what?

These five members have given $95,000 to the Republican Party.

WFTV’s Darlene Jones also reported that

During the last 3 years the airport has spent $7.1 million on outside counseling!

How long has Rick Scott been governor?

You guessed it.

3 1/2 years!

Interesting because he (News Reporter Christopher Heath is investigating the political side of Florida?

It’s one thing to blur the line on truth in a political ad.

It’s another thing to flat out lie.

For the last three weeks the Florida GOP has refused to give any information on the man it used to attack Charlie Crist.

Well, now we know his name and his story; and it doesn’t check out.

Christopher Heath shared a link.

June 17

The connection between Gov. Scott and a company working on oil and gas drill sites near the Everglades.

Christopher Heath shared a link.

May 21

Where is Gov. Rick Scott? And, why you don’t have the right to know.

9 Investigates Gov. Rick Scott’s travel logs

On Feb. 17, Gov. Rick Scott began his day in Naples. At an unknown time he and an unknown number of guests and staff left the Naples Municipal Airport and at an unknown time, he later landed in St.

What our investigation found about the state agency that is supposed to stop pollution and keep Florida beautiful.

What it is not doing.


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