The following is a quote from a posting.

Rick Scott Must Go!

The following is a quote from a posting.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

“The following is a non-partisan list of 233 reasons why Rick Scott does not deserve re-election in 2014.

I have kept this list non-partisan to show that ALL voters in Florida have excellent reasons to put Scott out of office.

He has harmed all citizens of this state, not just those of a particular political party or group.

As of the original writing in December 2013, this list has 146 reasons, but we now have 233 reasons.

I could add more, but as we get to election time, I think this number speaks for itself.

233 Non-Partisan Reasons Why Rick Scott Must Go.”

So, I have no intention of writing all 233 however, I am reading and saving them all!

“Jobs and Employment

Rick Scott has made, and no doubt will continue to make, the creation of jobs his “report card” for voters. However, while he has posed himself as a success in this regard, he has actually been a failure, taking credit for achievements he did not perform, and causing greater hardship in the lives of the people of Florida.”


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