Could they all be wrong and Scott be always right?

Rick Scott’s Climate Conundrum

Yes, Rick Scott is a Puzzle.

Rick Scott is facing a tough re-election this year, and in order to secure another 4 years in office, he’s trying to convince Florida voters that he really cares about the issues. He announced recently that he’s going to take a hard line against environmental foes, but his history suggests that he’ll continue to be a corporate shill for the dirty energy industry.

What Do Rick Scott & Justin Bieber Have In Common?

Rick Scott’s utter refusal to answer questions has become a national storyline and a local joke (if it weren’t so infuriating to the people asking). Even under oath, Scott seemed to take delight in providing non-answer after non-answer to simple, straightforward questions. His aversion to questions was on display throughout his 1995 deposition, and seemed oddly reminiscent of another disdainful deposition.

RIck Scott: The Special Interest Governor

Rick Scott is traversing the state this week, attempting to convince Floridians that his sudden interest in environmental protection is something more than election-year pandering. It won’t work.

Rick Scott’s Multitude of Miscues

Tampa Bay’s WTVT wanted to give viewers a close look at Rick Scott’s time in office. What did they find?

He rallied Tea Party conservatives and gave them credit for making him governor.

Papantonio: The Rick Scott $1.4 Billion Fraud

Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Show on MSNBC to discuss the upcoming 2014 governor’s race in Florida and why Republican Tea Partier Rick Scott needs to be defeated before he finishes his decimation of the Sunshine State.

Rick Sanchez Grills CPR’s Rick Scott


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