Adam Putnam is Fighting the Economy and Obama

Adam Putnam is Fighting the Economy and Obama

Adam Putnam the 2nd most powerful person in the state does not know who our governor it?

And he is a Republican to boot, nothing against republicans however, I believe that they should all know who the governor it?

Was Adam Putnam doing his job as commissioner at protecting our economy and our agriculture while on his many free to him trips to Kings Ranch being paid for by the largest polluter in Florida?

“Former U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam, now Florida’s commissioner of agriculture”

as well as past and potential future state speakers of the House.

Florida Republicans Are Taking Secret Trips On Big Sugar And No One Will Talk About It.

Adam Putnam candidate Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture

This is what we the ‘Floridians’ in Florida at least the ones allowed to vote anyway, are bombarded with by polluted politics!

Adam Putnam Commissioner of Agriculture is running for his seat in this election.

I guess this ad of his is about testing the intelligence of our states people?

He is running an ad on TV, telling us that he is

“Fighting the Economy and Obama”?

Now, I admit that I am not the smartest tack in the package however, I did not know that Obama was the Governor of Florida?

The last time I checked, the governor is, for now, Rick Scott?

As I see it, it is the governor running our state not our president.

Yes, it is true that he has been, is and if elected, continue to do a lousy job on our economy.

Believe me our president already has his hands full, he is not interested in becoming our governor?

If Adam Putnam is still upset with the president’s wife because she wants our children growing up healthy, he needs to state this in his ad?

While talking about his ad, why fight the economy, embrace it and help it grow, we the people are willing to help those wishing to come back to their jobs and help the economy not keeping on sweeping it under the preverbal rug?

Just in case I need proof in the future, this ad was on once at 5:15 am Saturday morning 10/04/2014.

All of his corrupt ads after this one, dropped the stupid part blaming our president and Washington, good move by whoever corrected him?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) once called the political contributions that flow from the powerful sugar industry to politicians “disgusting.”

But a Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald investigation published last week found that Scott, along with several other prominent Florida Republicans over the past three years, have traveled to a hunting lodge in Texas owned by industry giant U.S. Sugar. The lodge is located at King Ranch, one of the largest ranches in Texas and itself a stakeholder in several sugar-related businesses.


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