GOP and the rush to war

GOP and the rush to war

‘touche’ my friend, ‘touche’.

A recent cartoon by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in The Daily Commercial asked a very important question: “Which is worse, a President Obama who is deliberate in deciding a course of action, or a President George W. Bush who rushes into a war in Iraq, in which 4,500 American military are killed, over $1 trillion is spent, enemies are created that later form ISIL, and Iraq is worse off than it was before we started the war?”

My vote for worse is President W.

President Obama is building a coalition of countries in Europe as well as the Middle East who have an interest in eliminating ISIL at least as great as we have. We are concerned about this blood thirsty group slipping a few people with U.S. or European Union passports across our border to perform terrorist activities.

The Middle Eastern countries have to be concerned about thousands of ISIL terrorists crossing their borders. While we should employ our air power to provide food to hungry civilians and to dull the military strength of ISIL, it doesn’t make sense for the U.S. to attempt to destroy them by ourselves.

President Obama’s actions are supported by most Democrats, while Republican leaders such as Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are calling for more “kinetics,” read, “military action.”

When deciding whether to vote Democratic or Republican on Nov. 4, vote Republican if you endorse charging into wars. Vote Democratic if you prefer our leaders to make deliberate decisions and to include the forces of other nations in our plans.

BILL LORSON | Leesburg How we stir antipathy


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