Happy Mini Hump Day

Monday, October 6, 2014

8:20 AM

Happy Mini Hump Day

No, not all that much senile as yet, Lake County Florida has changed my ‘Trash Day.’

Poor Old Camel!

Not only did some old adults ‘in-charged’ of one school in Connecticut, “Connecticut Yankees”

I get to say that because I am a retired, Ex Connecticut Yankee, ‘Ex-Snowbird’


with their minds in the gutter, stopped school children from walking around, as are the adults, saying “What Day Is IT?”

So, back to Lake County Florida’s Elite, one must guess that our home-grown ‘Waste Collections’ for guess what reason, could not compete with a ‘Texas Company’, so now our trash collecting day is ‘Monday’ Camel has gone the route of the Native Americans of Connecticut and Florida?

See, told you, there is still hope for my poor old brain, although the jury is still on the ‘Mind’?

Lake County told everyone it the meeting to

“Get you trash out to the curb, 10′ spacing between containers, by 6:30AM?”

“Guess What Time It Is”?

My containers are bigger then my car, they are so big that the trash might sit in the back yard for a year before it must go to the street?

This is Florida don’t ya know!


One down one to go?

Guess they have two trucks?

If this is true, where is the savings to the taxpayers?



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