The great Fan Debate

Next up, I was in a motel in Gainesville Florida while watching the last diabolical debate and for the life of me, I still cannot understand why anyone not paying our governor under the table to pay for something later, is still willing to vote for “More of the Same?”

If you do not know this, the Republican Party in Florida spent days and nights since the last debate priming Scott for this one, he had to have his “crib” notes in order to remember their instructions as you can see from this photo taken shortly after the debate!


A fan blue his mind and rattled his cage so bad that he could only talk about this mother, wife and regurgitate all of his past lies, nothing about helping Florida in any way shape or form and also no help to his puppeteers!

He was so screwed up that he is still saying that Charlie Crist was the one late to the debate?


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