systems has a few bugs to work out?

Lake County’s new garbage, recycling pickup

It’s looking like our new trash/recycling systems has a few bugs to work out?

Having only one truck per area seems to have come back to bite them in the butt?

I was wondering how the people liked the idea of having to put the trash and recycling containers out before 6:30am in the dark, watching the trash truck come past after 7;30am and the recycle truck, same truck, after 3:30/4:00 in the afternoon?

For people not being able to work, thanks to this Florida Government and retired people like yours truly, if is not that big a deal excepting for the many of us elders that have a fence to keep our pets out of the road, needing to make two trips.

However, the few in Florida able to get work, thanks to our Florida Government’s lack of caring, their containers stay out at the Mersey of the weather and hungry animals all day long!

Today the new company came by around 7:30am with two trucks, one a normal pick up for trash the other with the new system.


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