“They are missing places,”

Well, it is refreshing on one hand, to see between 300 and 900 customer agreeing with me, on the other hand, not good for any customer of this new group of haulers!

As stated in earlier posts, this is a large step backwards compaired to our old system, somebody must have been paid to make this change.

Now we have our 95 Gal trash container, howbeit on wheels and one 65 Gal recycling container also on wheel, cheep plastic still very clumsy walking both in the dark because they show up while it is still dark out.

We now get to sit and watch some poor worker trying to empty these containers in the back of very old trash trucks, it is just another one of Florida’s stupid moves, they call progress!

Trash rollout improves but issues with haulers remain?

I have notice that they is still not one of my neighbors on our road recycling! Lake County Public Works Director Jim Stivender said he has seen much improvement in the new county- wide trash collection effort since its rollout on Oct. 6. As of Thursday afternoon, the county had received 300 to 400 a calls a day, down from 900 during the second week of October. But Stivender said he is still working with the haulers to be sure they do not miss picking up the trash. “They are missing places,” he said. “We are getting a little frustrated with the haulers and the excuses. It is all about getting it right.”

Stivender said the county was receiving 30 to 40 calls a day from residents who state their trash has not been picked up. “Out of the 30 to 40 misses a day, seven or eight are multiple misses and those are actually being checked in the field,” he said.

The new 1-1-1 service consists of once-per week trash, recycling and yard waste pickups. Trash and recyclables are collected on the same day by different trucks, while yard waste is picked up on a separate day.

WCA is one of three new county contractors — including Progressive Waste Management and Waste Pro — participating in the new trash service system. It recently opened a compressed natural gas hauling station in Tavares. Residents have received one free 95-gallon container for trash and one free 65-gallon container for recycling. Previously there were hundreds of calls related to residents not receiving their trash carts. That number has now been reduced to a handful, Stivender said. “There is some quality control issues in getting the carts out there,” he said. Stivender also said the number of complaints about bears getting into trash cans has been drastically reduced. “As soon as trash started getting picked up on the right day, our bear calls dropped to next to nothing,” he said referring to the one to two calls a day. “They missed the whole road (previously) and the bears went crazy.” Currently the county is scheduled to receive a grant from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to provide funding to address the issue.

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