This is going to hurt

This is going to hurt


However, so does Novocain (Procaine) before a Root Canal!

This is the HURT!

We hate our Florida GOP government with a passion however, we keep electing them into power over us?

If we the GOP Floridians would take our children out of our GOP home schooling teaching them, how to hunt, fish, drink beer, and collect guns and Ammo and sent our GOP children to a real public school down the street, they would soon learn about just what our GOP government is allowed to do but restricted doing by well planned past GOP government officials?

In other words our Florida GOP government, at the start of their ‘Reign of Terror’, has been changing our laws to suit themselves at our expense!

 This is the Novocain!



for your accurate assessment of our Lake Country government and the school system, someone had to?


Student attendance is a crisis

I read with great interest your story entitled “Absent Minds” in the Oct. 19 issue of the Daily Commercial. I also thought the responses you received from the principal and School Board members even more interesting. I am not running for political office, am not a political operative, but I do care about the children in the classroom. I am a former teacher and now tutor elementary students in a county close to Lake County.

It seems that Lake County has a big attendance problem which needs to be addressed quickly.

So, without engaging a high-priced consulting firm or forming another study committee, maybe the School Board should look at three areas:

1) Are the instructional programs relevant?

2) Do our current transportation initiatives meet the needs of the community?

3) Institute a community outreach program where a school staff member visits the home to get students to attend or find educational alternatives. Thinking that Saturday school would work when it’s not working Monday through Friday looks good but is not productive.

It is clear school attendance and school achievement are closely related. The school board has been looking at the attendance numbers for years and what is surprising is the lack of action to resolve the problem.


Mount Dora Keep our money local

We recently renewed our dog’s license from Lake County.

We got an invoice in the mail directing us to send the payment to a company called Pet Data in Irving, Texas. We believe in spreading the wealth, but all the way to Texas?

Couldn’t they find a company just a little closer to Tavares to do the job, perhaps in Florida? Our economy sure could use the help. Makes one wonder.


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