Political Boots on the Ground

Political Boots on the Ground

Rich wins Mount Dora seat

I call this a

‘Win, Win’!

A person in touch with the people winning a seat no matter how she had to squeak in


the removal of an incumbent!

She did this by putting her, “Boots on the Ground” to meet the people.

In Florida with this crooked system, it is almost impossible to accomplish.

Marie Rich to break a 2,349-vote tie and unseat incumbent Nick Girone for the at-large seat on Mount Dora City Council.

“I did the grass-roots effort and I will continue doing that throughout my two years to get to know all the residents of Mount Dora,” she said.

After being sworn in, Rich thanked all the Mount Dora voters and those who supported her. She also assured the 50 percent of voters who did not vote for her that she is going to “prove to you I’m very good for this job.”



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