Florida Democratic Club lost a Champion

Shirlee A

Lake County Central Florida Democratic Club has lost a long time true Champion in one of its clubs!

Because of the powers to be in this part of Central Florida, the Democrats have not, and will never, increase, at least not while it is being led by an undercover Republican!

We lost our Secretary “Shirlee A. Greider” on Wednesday December 3rd 2014


Mind you, all of my Democratic friends, we know that there are many great people in other clubs through-out Florida and every one of you know the need to read between the lines in this post!

However, if you want to grow, ‘Over Throw’, if you cannot over throw, join us in finding a real party while looking for a way,

“Back to our Future”!

“God Bless America”!

God take good care of our friend, use her 24/7, this will keep her happy forever!

Like Shirlee said, when we first moved to the area we were told that

“There are no Democrats in Lake County”!

Now that we lost Shirlee’s club, it appears to be business as usual in this part of Lake County!




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