Finding a solution

One year in, program seems to have cracked code to filling jobs

DAVID NICKLAUS Tribune News Service

Rosemary Shanley was in her senior year of college, majoring in environmental biology and public health, when she decided she really wanted to work in computer programming.

Vince Ganev was a programmer in his native Bulgaria, but he took a construction job here because it didn’t require him to know much English.

Ten years later, he wanted to return to his chosen field.

Look under E-Business

In today’s credential-focused job market, neither had a résumé that would pass muster. Shanley didn’t have the right degree; Ganev lacked recent experience.

Yet both Shanley, 22, and Ganev, 40, are working as programmers today. Each got an apprenticeship through

“The moment anybody would hear about my background, they would just turn away,” Ganev says of his experience with recruiters.


LeAnne Lis, left, works with Jenny Gibbons at CoderGirl, a meetup sponsored by LaunchCode, for women who are interested in programming last month in St. Louis.


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