Lake superintendent’s contract renewal up for future vote

It is a little past embarrassing to be living in Lake County Florida lately.

We need to get some real leadership back in Lake County, take the Choke Chains off of our Teachers and allow them to teach something other than how to take a foolish test!

Vote of confidence?

LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer

So, when will this county finely get tired of Superintendent Susan Moxley and her three paid puppets in the news, never good news by the way!

Shouldn’t we, at the very least, look at some well qualified Lake County Teachers for the job instead of this outsider and her puppets?

After all, there must be at least one Republican in the group?

District votes to allow outside review of class-size issues-March 12, 2014 / sachemspeaks

RECESS for CHILDREN-October 3, 2014 / sachemspeaks

“The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”-February 7, 2014 / sachemspeaks

If memory serves correctly, our school systems were doing ok until our new superintendent was hired?

Remembering back not so long ago our superintendent took her staff and friends on a joy ride from Tallahassee to Orlando for meeting in the most expensive hotel in Orlando under the pretense of school business?


Remember, this is but a few!

Lake County School Board member Bill Mathias has asked to bring Superintendent Susan Moxley’s contract for renewal back to the board for a vote Tuesday, according to school district officials.

While the superintendent’s contract is not up until June, the board decided to move the timeline up six months because of the contentiousness of the issue, school board member Debbie Stivender said.

“We are just trying to give security to the system,” she said.

The superintendent’s leadership has been called into question by several previous school board members, in part, because of the previous class size controversy.

The class-size controversy erupted at the beginning of this year when a review found that many schools were violating the state’s laws governing maximum class sizes.

During a review by an outside consultant, 136 teachers said they were asked to sign reports related to class-size requirements that they knew to be inaccurate. Surveys were sent to teachers, administrators and data processing staff, the review stated. Out of 2,818 surveys, 1,518 were returned.

This past July, board members voted 3-2 not to embark on a search to replace Moxley, with Kyleen Fischer and Tod Howard dissenting.

Fischer and Howard voted for a superintendent search because of their dissatisfaction with Moxley’s performance. But board members Rosanne Brandeburg, Mathias and Stivender rejected the idea, saying it was unfair to Moxley.

Last month, the superintendent received an overall average performance evaluation from the board, almost identical to her rating in 2013.


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