Social Security Is Important to Women

What about the woman that was a stay at home, tend to the house, children, housework, bills, school functions, shopping and so on,

did they not work just as hard and long if not harder and longer then her mate?

Did they do this without pay?

Well yes, they did this without a paycheck!

Abused Women abused again by this government.

Now this is an interesting article for we that are retired and from a past shall we say, not so great marriage.

This is another form of punishment handed down by this

“Government of the Free”

on our Females!

If you were in a previous marriage for let’s say 30 plus years and for some reason it ends up in divorce,

the female of the marriage cannot get married again and still keep her hard earned part of the marriage

(half of what they both earned together) in social security unless the last spouse is deceased!

However, the male can, beat, cheat, steal and just about anything else in the marriage and never lose his half of the social security?

Our male politicians are saying that the female in the marriage was just along for the ride so what’s the problem?


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