What is the Fire Assessment?


What is the Fire Assessment?

Mt. Dora leaders consider adding fire assessment fee

Mount Dora is one of the if not the richest town in central Florida and growing every day, so should their protection?

A program to authorized the collection of Fire Assessment Fees to aid in the funding of fire services.


I totally agree that we the public need the protection of our Fire Department for many reasons.

What scares the heck out of me is so much wording from our politicians and the board of directors on the saving to the people!

I am not so sure, thinking back in time, who, how, when or where they ever stayed true to their words?

The special assessment piggyback on the annual property tax bill.

Saves money by reducing the administrative costs of the program results in a stable revenue source to fund Fire Rescue Services,

is more fair to property owners,

The Fire Rescue Services Assessment program will provide a cost-effective and financially stable means.

Funding fire rescue services and facilities for years to come

Stability in insurance rates

Protection of public safety

Enhancement of property value

Better service to property and its occupants

Each fiscal year, an Annual Rate Resolution is adopted by the Board to set the fire assessment rate.





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