Unreasonable state fees

Dear Governor Rick Scott, in a recent renewal statement from the United Services Automobile Association for home insurance for 2015, four of the fees are assessed by you. The total to be paid is $203.80, which means 11.9 percent of my total home insurance is collected by you. I already checked with many states and they have no insurance fees paid to their state. We have tornadoes, mud slides, snow storms, flooding with rain storms and hurricanes across the USA. Why is it that with the four hurricanes we had in 2004 and practically none since then, the state of Florida is still collecting billions of dollars via the insurance companies? How many billions did you collect in 2013? What was your rate of gain investing this money? What did you pay out for the privilege of investing the money? What is the budget of all your insurance staff collecting the money via insurance companies? Mr. Scott, one good financial expert for the USA can define what insurance companies are qualified for writing homeowners insurance across all of our states! We note that two legislators are promoting SB170 to qualify who can be appointed to the Public Service Commission. Myself, I’d like to see the individual PSC members elected. Maybe they would protect the homeowners and not the corporations. BOB DUSHAW


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