She’s in the papers again today

Lake county

She’s in the papers again today

If this wasn’t so hurtful to our children it would be funny?


If you want to be sure the snake is dead

Cut off its head!

If you wish to save our children

Fire the Superintendent of our schools and the school board!

This is a quote from our newspaper once again about Lake county school systems!


School Board keeps fumbling class-size controversy

“Just when you thought Lake County’s class-size controversy might be behind us, the issue came screaming back onto the front page last week when school officials were asked to explain how they goofed — again — in reporting student enrollment numbers to the state.

It seems that Lake County School District administrators sent erroneous information to the state, and based on that information, the Department of Education announced the district would pay a $1.2 million fine for violating the caps on class sizes. The district “corrected” its data and the state lowered the fine to about $160,000.

This, of course, comes less than a year after a a whistleblower complained that Lake schools were underreporting their class size numbers to avoid state fines. A consultant hired by the School Board to review the issue discovered that district officials did indeed report inaccurate numbers and that more than 160 teachers said they were made to sign class-size reports they knew to be inaccurate.

Superintendent Moxley escaped from that controversy without so much as a scrape, however. The Florida Department of Education bought the district’s argument that the student population in Lake was growing too fast for the district to keep pace with, so it waived the fines.

The School Board had an even weaker response. It refused to dig deeper and ascertain for certain whether the district deliberately misled the state, as more than 160 teachers claimed. Worse, the board decided that in the future, Moxley herself could decide whether it was more prudent to pay the fines or hire additional teachers to reduce class sizes.

Fast forward to this week. The School Board was having a fit because — surprise! — district administrators misreported the numbers to the state.

And we still don’t know which set of numbers was inaccurate and why the error occurred.

Sure, Moxley and other district administrators tried to explain it to a miffed board on Monday, but their responses raised more questions than they answered.

Asked about the error, Moxley first said the codes on the district’s reports simply didn’t line up with the state’s codes, suggesting it was a simple coding error. But the district’s finance officer, when pressed about the erroneous by an irritated School Board member Bill Mathias, said, “There were some errors.”

And Moxley later added, “I can’t tell you our employees miscoded things to a $1.2 million error.”

Moxley’s explanations, like the district’s enrollment counts, don’t add up.

What the district needs is an independent review of how it is reporting classsize numbers. District administrators have had multiple chances to get it right. It’s time to bring in an outsider to get to the bottom of this.”

In other words just keep firing the


(Whistleblower: A whistleblower, whistle-blower or whistle blower, is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization.

The alleged misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption).


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