Corporate greed

MICHAEL J. HARRIS, Webster Florida

I’m sure that you are telling us that outsourcing is wrong, bad for business and our country, plus the fact that big business is also greedy?

Mr. Harris posting in the paper.

Many people have the misconception that big U.S. corporations outsource the manufacturing of their products because of regulations and taxes imposed upon them by the government.

Have they considered corporations like General Electric?

The stated tax rate may seem high.

However, the effective tax rate is one of the lowest in the world.

In the last six to eight years General Electric has paid zero dollars in corporate taxes in the U.S.

In my opinion it is all about greed!

Where is patriotism these days?

The United States has been good to these corporations.

The government of the United States through its patent office and courts has protected its inventions, thereby keeping profits high.

The government has educated its work force through public education.

It has provided industry with the roads and other infrastructure which facilitate its business activity.

The U.S. Navy has ensured that the sea lanes have been kept open and safe so that business can do its shipping.

This country has always stood by corporations.

How about bringing back

“made in the USA”

for a change and help restore our working class?

MICHAEL J. HARRIS, Webster Florida

I am also sure Michael, that this is why companies like Burger King outsourced, started in Florida, moved to Canada and by the way Mike have you notice the big drop in quality and courtesy in their new company?


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