Guns, politics and religion

I had a strange how be it somewhat good visit yesterday that kept me off the computer for a little time.

I would not be posting or have given it a 2nd thought except it goes along with many of my postings.

This is why I post about Florida and why most of the time I am in bewilderment while posting with what is going on in this state?

Guns, politics and religion all from one


As stated and not by me, please do not shoot the messenger.

Christians believe that Adolf Hitler is the “666” Anti-Christ and Osama bin Laden is not dead and will be the return of Adolf Hitler the Anti-Christ?

This person has 138 guns and not one of them has killed anyone, not even the one loaded and placed in a window for a month just as a test?

Everyone should have at least one weapon because only the crack-pots are killers.

Silencers are OK for hunting because during hunting season people should not be in wooded areas.

I guess that this means that if you live with-in five miles of some woods you must move during hunting season?

President Obama is hiding Bin Laden and some of the school shooters because it is a conspiracy so that he, Obama, can get gun control passed.

Not all of those school children were shot, the pictures are makeover’s.


Just to clear up this post, Hitler and Bin-Laden and unfortunately those poor children have passes and not coming back.

Just about all of Florida’s Floridians including the hunters, live with-in five miles of some woods.

If the Christian God wanted us to know the Anti-Christ it would be in the “Good Book”!

The bible speaks both in the old and the new testament about this evil person and his cohorts however, it is up to Christians to always be ready for his return and for the real Christ return, not just to be ready on a designated day of the coming?

I want all weapons to disappear from Mother Earth forever, if you want to rob me you must bring along your fists!

Last, be by no means least, I am a little nuts however, I do not own or want to own a weapon.

That said, if you want protection for god sake keep it safe so that crack-pots can’t steal it and kill more of our children and the elderly?

‘Guns Do Kill’ when in the hands of some crack-pot!


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