Lack of oversight is the key problem at Lake schools

What does our Superintendent have to hold over our school board?


“You asked if readers are satisfied with Lake County School Superintendent Dr. Moxley’s excuse that lack of proofreading was the cause for class size reporting errors to FLDOE.

No, I am not satisfied, because the real problem was bad management and an inability to ensure a critical process had adequate supervision to ensure reported data was accurate.

They hired a specialist for $48,000 who only started in September, and that was one of the initial excuses.

However, I put it down to lack of management and supervision oversight.

Moxley keeps hiding the responsible senior management. The CFO is in charge of some of it, but why are the academic heads not called forward for clear explanations instead of wordsmithed explanations from Moxley? Why isn’t Dr. Doyle, Christensen or the HR director explaining the lack of management oversight?

They had assigned a critical manager to another project, so the excuse is she was not there to proofread.

Why wasn’t there management direction to define methods to ensure data reporting accuracy over a critical process known to have the risk of large fines? And yet these folks are administering (not managing) the education of kids who might one day be defining science or engineering standards for aircraft and food.

Lack of management skills is the problem in Lake County, not proofreading. Lack of interest in specific, accurate analytical costs or work processes is another.

For instance, the School Board just voted to set new student boundaries for some schools but there was no discussion of the varying costs per student or school of implementing the options. That would never happen in the business world.

As a person with significant business experience who has attended most School Board meetings for eight years, the level of management practices won’t change until there is another superintendent, and a board that understands the problem and acts on it.”


Wordsmithed (One who uses words skillfully).



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