It is time to say “Good-by” to an old friend

First another person upset with our leaders in Lake County Florida Schools.

Contrary to popular belief

I believe that one should latch onto a wrong until this wrong is corrected?

Apparently the Mouse in our Daily Newspaper also believes this?

Moxley must go!





As stated in an earlier post, we can no longer read to enjoy our newspaper!

Elder’s in the Daily Commercial Newspaper Leesburg Florida Area must now either read with a magnifying glass or read until one gets a headache and read later?

This, to me and my better half, a retired newspaper critic,

Newspaper Critic in LA.

was once a great paper and in our opinion second only to the New London Daily Newspaper in New London Connecticut,


and this one may have also been destroyed by a big conglomerate ‘News company’?

We will not be renewing our subscription and be notifying them of this before it expires.

I will miss the only part of the paper that I can still read, Mr. Mouse.


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