Preserve Social Security

It is disheartening to learn the new House majority in Congress has passed a rule designed to prevent Congress from doing what it has done 11 times in the past, transfer funds within the Social Security program.

This is necessary to ensure that disability benefits won’t be cut.

Unless Congress approves the transfer before the Disability Trust Fund is depleted in 2016, monthly benefits that average less than $1,150 will be slashed by about 20 percent.

Does the House majority really think that this is a wise strategy?

Are they foolish enough to believe they’ll win the hearts (and votes) of working Americans, retirees, people with disabilities and their families in the next election if they make even the slightest attempt at cutting disability payments, or for that matter, any Social Security benefits?

Polls consistently show that large majorities of Americans favor increasing Social Security benefits, not cuts.

This new Congress has started out on the wrong foot, and if they’re not careful, will likely fall.



I little in-put if I may?

Nancy is a 24/7 fighter for women’s rights and we the common people for Florida.


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