Motorists should pay for miles driven

I agree with this, we need the money to repair our roads and bridges plus expansion.

What I do not like is allowing our politicians to control this tax!

Taxing miles not gas?

I can do this for free!

I know Metro Planners are sending it up to Tallahassee for them to vote on however, the solution is still very simple!

Yes, I did write about this once or twice before.

High-mileage cars mean motorists should pay for miles driven, group says

I say that this is a group of people full of hot air.

Florida is one of the top milting pots for this and many other countries.

This means that people rent cars to drive and others drive down from other states and/or deliver thousands of tonnage of product in and out of the state!

Who will be paying for them to use our roads?

Florida transportation group wants to study mileage-based tax system, a million dollar study, one that they have been studying since at least 2009!

Can you believe that politicians cannot figure out how to tax something or someone?

Can our Government Officials be trusted to give back a tax?

Never happen!

MetroPlan Board considering plan to test pay-per-mile tax.

But would gas tax really go away?

Some doubt that.

Central Florida leaders to vote on pay-per-mile study

January 15, 2015 by sachemspeaks

Leave the Gas Pumps alone and charge the Solar and Electric Meter companies that build their product and place tax meters into their meters?

Tax trucking companies that deliver to our state.

Tax rental companies that rent to visitors.


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