Steep learning curve for 2016 hopefuls

I had planned to give credit for this posting to the daily commercials new newspaper however, for some unknown reason page A 6 on line seems to be missing?



Likely Candidates Ride Bumpy Learning Curve for 2016 Race

Associated Press

If you’re an aspiring presidential candidate, says professional crisis manager Eric Dezenhall,

right now is

“a great time to take a pratfall because it’s so far away from anything major.”

That’s a good thing because so many of the candidates’ feet have been sliding out from under them.

The first six weeks of 2015 have featured mangled messages, snappishness, a bad hire and other flubs from the Republicans who would be president.

One would tend to think that “if you are a candidate or even a wannabe candidate you should not be still making embarrassing mistakes and falling on your butt at this late stage in your political carrier?

In recent days:

—Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush cut loose a new hire with a history of inappropriate comments about women, gays and blacks.

—New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul struggled to strike the right tone on whether parents should have to vaccinate their children.

—Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker caught flak for ducking questions and picking a fight with the revered University of Wisconsin.

Candidates-in-waiting got peevish. They gave underwhelming speeches. They tried to disavow their own words.

And so on.

Do these responses sound like guys who are ready to be president?

Do you believe in evolution, Gov. Walker?

“I’m going to punt on that one.”

What about the Islamic State group, Gov. Christie?

“Is there something you don’t understand about, ‘No questions?'”

Jeb Bush’s team probably will check out future job applicants more carefully. A less bombastic Christie was back working in Iowa not long after snapping at reporters in London. Walker turned to Twitter to at least explain, somewhat, his thinking on evolution after his refusal to answer a question on the subject during his own trip to London became a distraction.



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