Lawmakers Want to Push Back Florida’s Presidential Primary

I know how much my republican followers hate it when I write about the faults of the Republican Party however, in Florida here we go with another!

The Florida congress (republican controlled) moved their primary a few years ago for a better chance at beating our president, this did not work.

Florida law are working on a bill again to move Florida presidential primary back two weeks to march 15th to give all of its delegates to one candidate instead of splitting them, the later primary will help Rubio and/or bush if one decides to run in 2016, this is playing with laws just to win something.

Every parent through-out the world teaches their children not to do because it is cheating, something that Florida Government seems to not understand?

Presumably, a later primary in Florida could help former Gov. Jeb Bush or U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio if they are slugging it out with other Republicans for the presidential nomination. All signs point to Bush running next year, though Rubio’s intentions are a little fuzzier.

TALLAHASSEE | Several years ago, Florida lawmakers couldn’t set the state’s presidential primary date early enough in the calendar — sometimes breaking rules to make sure the Sunshine State would be close to the dates for voting in early testing grounds like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Now, lawmakers want to move it again — but this time, legislative leaders are considering pushing the date back.

Moving the primary and awarding delegates winner-take-all, however, could have the opposite effect, if Florida is seen as a done deal for Bush and other candidates decide their time and resources are better spent elsewhere.

So you see the move is for Jeb to back bite Marco!


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