Florida is doing away with their Red Light Systems


Not because the lights are not saving lives because they are!

Not because the lights are not slowing down on accidents because they are!

Not because they cost too much to maintain because Florida is not maintaining them!

P.S. neither is the outsourced company because half of them no longer work!

Not because the system cannot find employees to run the system because that is not the problem!

Florida is discontinuing the Red Light System because too many people are complaining about the need to slow on yellow lights and stop on red lights?

Too many government officials, politicians, their contributors and their lobbyist are getting tickets from the system!

People are still getting tickets for right turns.

Many tickets are the fault of the out of state light company and the Florida laws!

In this state as with many, one must stop and proceed with caution for a right turn!

Ambulance chasers are now using bad laws to get light runners out of their tickets!

Court dismisses tickets from red light cameras in Boynton Beach

City not saying what future of program will be


Correct answer is to dump the, shall we say less than about board company, by hiring and training Florida unemployed workers and care for our Red Light System on our own!



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