Once again, Florida leads the nation

The FBI’s Hairy Evidence Sends Floridians to Prison on Unscientific Testimony

Once again, Florida leads the nation in a sobering statistic. At least 42 of its people have gone to prison, including one who was executed and as many as nine who remain on death row, after trials in which FBI “experts” gave testimony that the agency concedes to have been unscientific.

Flagler-Live | April 29, 2015


Habitat moving forward in plans for Veterans Village


Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter is moving forward with its vision to build a Veterans Village, featuring 20 to 30 units of efficiency, duplex-style homes for military veterans in downtown Leesburg.

Habitat signed a lease option last November for $275,000 to buy a little over two acres of land, contingent on being a being able to secure approval and raise funds for the estimated $3.4 million project at the corner of Canal and Cleveland streets, behind The Daily Commercial .


For information or to contribute to the project, call 352-483-0434




Indefensible on all counts

Indefensible on all counts

What is going on in the Florida Legislature right now is morally and fiscally indefensible and threatens the well-being of Florida and its people. It isn’t complicated but has been made so by ideologues with power.

The state has more than 800,000 people who are uninsured because they do not qualify for Medicaid or cannot afford insurance.

The federal government has a contract with Florida, as with other states, to provide what is known as Low Income Pool funds to pay for hospital charity care when the poor go to an emergency room.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration told states the LIP money would be going away and urged them to replace it with a “Medicaid expansion” plan.

So far 28 states have done so.

The idea is it is more efficient medically and economically to provide regular health care to the poor somewhere besides a hospital emergency room.

The Florida Senate understood.

So did Florida’s major business groups, hospitals, organizations and voters.

A Senate Medicaid expansion plan calls for recipients to be working or in school and pay a small, monthly premium.

The plan, approved by Washington, would provide more care at less cost — saving an estimated $1.7 billion over five years — and create tens of thousands of jobs and pump tens of billions of dollars into Florida’s economy over the next decade.

The Florida House leadership, however, has opted to play politics.

Anything tied to Obamacare is anathema.

From the start, Speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt island, and his lieutenants have stubbornly refused to even discuss Medicaid expansion.

At all.

Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Scott, who should be providing leadership toward compromise, is only exacerbating an already horrible situation.

Not only is he opposing Medicaid expansion — after he was for it — he is suing the federal government for the LIP money, a case he is almost surely to lose on our dime. Scott says he does not trust the feds to provide the Medicaid expansion money — even though it is codified in the ACA law — but instead is demanding the feds keep the LIP money flowing. His stance is weak and hurts Florida and its residents.

But the damage does not stop there. Now the House and the Senate cannot complete a state budget — their singular constitutionally required task — by the end of the legislative session next Friday.

Their budgets are $4 billion apart, largely because of the health care impasse, and new funding for education, mental health care and new prison guards as well as some modest tax cuts are all at serious risk.

All so Scott, Crisafulli and Co. can make some ideologically driven political point that ultimately hurts real people.

Thank goodness for the adults in the Florida Senate.

What Scott and the House membership are doing is endangering the health and well-being of Florida, which contrary to the governor’s economic hosannas is still limping out of the recession.

Giving poor people access to health care while at the same time saving the state money and boosting its economy is good public policy.Refusing to even discuss it is simply morally and fiscally indefensible.

It’s time to protect our water

Take Action To Save The Everglades From Big Sugar

It’s time to protect our water by ending the deadlock on Everglades restoration once and for all. What has been called “the most critical piece of land ever for Everglades restoration” could be bought this year, but Big Sugar, who agreed to sell this land to the public in 2010, is trying to run out the clock, hoping you won’t notice.

Sign the petition to Gov. Scott and the Florida Legislature today and tell them to buy this critical land south of Lake Okeechobee. We can help save the Everglades from Big Sugar and protect Florida’s drinking water all at the same time.


Dear Governor Scott and members of the Florida Legislature:

We need you to act now to protect and save Florida’s drinking water.

Last November, 75 percent of Floridians voted for Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution, setting aside funds to clean and protect the Everglades and protect our drinking water.

The US sugar industry is encouraging you to ignore the voters.

You should reject the arguments of the sugar industry and force them to honor their binding written contract to sell 46,800 acres of sugar land to the state for construction of the Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir. Unlike projects being advanced by the sugar lobby, the new reservoir will help control pollution and save the Everglades. In addition, the reservoir will have a major impact on saving our state’s water supply as the Everglades provides water to 1 in 3 Floridians.

We urge you to follow the will of the voters over the US Sugar lobbyists and prioritize Everglades restoration and fund the purchase of this critical land


Mayor Buddy Dyer, Chairwomen Debbie Stivender, Welton Cadwell and Keith Farmer


Moving election date is a big advantage to incumbent

And the Florida governmental Cheating goes on!

Everyone in the country knows that the larges turn out of voter is always in the year of a presidential election so, the Mayor and the council members that are up for election are


My question still is,

“What are you Florida going to do about it?”

Nothing as usual just roll over once again!

When will Florida get tired of watching the powers to be


Is there not one honest person in all of Florida that we can sit on that corrupt throne and “Take back Florida for the Floridians?”

The city also could have held the election with the presidential primary, as in the past, which would have saved taxpayers about $100,000, according to Channel 9’s Lori Brown.

Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned the move will eliminate any competition for the mayor or three commissioners up for re-election, but Commissioner Patty Sheehan disputed that

Plan to move Orlando elections to November passes first vote

Orlando’s city attorney has proposed moving the city’s next municipal elections forward by several months in order to avoid conflicting with the state’s 2016 presidential primary date

Moving election date could be big advantage to incumbent Orlando commissioners


Mayor Buddy Dyer and

The three Commissioner in question as to why they want to change voting laws are

Welton Cadwell District 5 seat.

James E. Todd of Eustis

Chairwoman Debbie Stivender, District 3 and is in a facing off against Keith Farner of Leesburg.


All Four are Republicans to those tired of me nit picking your political party!

It could have been the Democratic party but we will never know

because we will never be able to get rid of the “RAT PACK!”

The statute 790.15 Proper Shooting Range

Officials have the tools they need to address backyard shooting

In reply to the recent coverage of the backyard discharge of firearms, first, let’s look at state statute 790. The statement that local officials are helpless to do anything because of current state statutes is incorrect and misleading.

The statute 790.15 subparagraph (1) in part provides, “except as provided in subsection (2) or subsection (3), any person who knowingly discharges a firearm in any public place or on the right-of-way of any paved public road, highway, or street or over any occupied premises, or who recklessly or negligently discharges a firearm outdoors on any property used primarily as the site of a dwelling as defined in statute 776.0134 zoned exclusively for residential use commits a misdemeanor of the first degree …”

This section does not apply to a person lawfully defending life or property. Any district attorney or law enforcement individual that does not take the proper action as indicated in the state statute is being remiss in his or her office and appropriate action should be considered in their case also.

Second, I would like to address the two incidents that were highlighted in the first article. The incident of the Deltona man who was shot by a neighbor would clearly be addressed in statute 790.15 if the investigation indicated that the shot came from the home next door. In researching several newspaper articles relating to this incident, it appears that they could not make up their mind whether Mr. Fleming was in his home or in his backyard. So much for accuracy. It was also stated that charges could be pursued depending on the results of an autopsy. I was unable to find any other article indicating results of this investigation. In the second instance that is quoted in the article, again it appears that the two individuals were not complying with the above statute and that they were operating firearms in a very unsafe manner as it’s obvious that their backstop was not adequate.

I would expect that a sheriff’s deputy would be trained in the proper use of firearms. As an NRA-certified instructor, I can assure you that if bullets were leaving the deputy’s property, the deputy was not shooting in a safe manner, and as I will indicate below, the backstop that they used was definitely not in accordance with approved construction of backstops.

Third, I would like to address Mr. Dickerson’s backyard Range in Fruitland Park that was covered by an article on March 26 and March 29. I would like to point out that if at any time a round should leave Mr. Dickerson’s property, it would fall under the provisions quoted above. In addition, I would like to inform Mr. Dickerson of several items: (1) a little quick investigation of the Internet or a query to NRA headquarters would have provided him with the data needed to construct a proper backstop in his backyard if he has the required space for one. (2) I quickly located three fantastic publications that provided more than adequate data to construct one. A publication titled “Range design criteria” from the U.S. Department of Energy can be found at www.hssenergy.gov.

As can be seen from the data provided in the US government publication, Mr. Dickerson’s backyard berm does not come even close to these requirements. Nor does he have a skip/eyebrow shield to prevent the possibility of a ground skip from leaving the site. In addition, if the safe zones contained in several of the charts in the attachments to the publication are to be obtained, it appears that the property is not large enough to provide them.

It is apparent that if local authorities would take the action as defined in state statute 790.15, there would not a problem in closing down improper backyard shooting ranges as nothing in state law allows people to build shooting ranges in dense residential neighborhoods.


Officials have the tools they need to address backyard shooting

Darrel Barcomb lives in Leesburg.


Is Hillary Clinton really the best for this country?

I am not for ‘telling or suggesting how people should vote’.

I am questioning my reasons for voting.

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

I cannot tell you because it is a “Big Secret!”


Clinton, Warren and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

A massive cover up by this administration as distasteful as can be, even for politicians!


Bill Clinton is for the Keystone XL pipeline and Fracking.

Does this mean that the Clintons have their fingers in the till?


Clinton supported it as secretary of State.

And Warren, Sanders and O’Malley oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.


My question and it might be a little late is,

“how is she about climate changes?”

We already know her past feeling about Al Gore, we need to know why because Al Gore has spent much of his life trying to save this planet?